At Emmanuel we love our City. Our desire is to be a Church that’s FOR the city and not simply a church that’s IN the city. We believe that we have been called to live on mission in both SHARING the Gospel and tangibly SHOWING the gospel through love and service. SERVE//Orillia finds intentional and practical ways that we can do that.

In an effort to be a Church that’s FOR the city, we have 3 ways people can get involved:
(1) The BIG Serve (2) Team Up (3) Community Needs

The BIG Serve
The BIG Serve are moments in our church calendar where we as a church collectively care
and reach out to serve our city in tangible and creative ways. (ie. Community Meal; Food
Drives for the Food Banks; Backpacks for children in need, etc.)

Team Up
Team Up is where we come along side of others who are doing Service Projects or
Community Projects and either promote them or raise awareness for them.

Community Needs
Community Needs is where we partner with other organizations within our city to raise
awareness, encourage volunteerism, and meet some of the ongoing needs (i.e. Coldest Night of the Year).

Please email if you have any questions or need any information.